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I am a regular poster at FreeRepublic. I set about to write this Huckabee piece up, and so started this blog as I needed a site at which I could make my drafts with hyperlinks, etc. The Huckabee thread I posted at FR is here.   So, this is an “obscure blog” but I’ve not been particularly obscure on FR.

I have no association with any campaign.  As far as I know I have had no communications about this with anyone representing any campaigns.  From my posts at FR, you’ll see I’ve been a Romney supporter most of all, and other candidates to varying degrees.  Writing this Huckabee blog started out as a checking a few things out on Google, and then kept on getting more elaborate.  The length is due to having discuss multiple findings, and these in detail, my intent being to having something credible enough that others, such as in the media, could take it further.



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